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Sponsorship, Awards and Grants

Sponsorship and Grants for Students

Rudolf Sallinger Fund

With the S&B Award, the Rudolf Sallinger Fund honors early-stage commercialization ideas based on a research achievement.

Submission deadline: 28.02.2018

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Scholarship of the Monthly Magazine for Chemistry (MoChem)

The scholarship of the "Monatshefte für Chemie" helps to complete a dissertation in the field of chemistry; In particular, doctoral candidates should be supported who wish to spend a stay abroad within the framework of the funding. If the doctoral or PhD studies are completed before the end of the funding period, the time remaining after graduation can be used for the preparation of publications.

Deadline: 15.04.2018
Amount of funding: EUR 10.000

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Scholarships for voluntary work with Austrian media

The board of journalists education awards scholarships for voluntary work with Austrian media to practice-oriented students of all disciplines. This gives students the opportunity to get to know the journalistic practice while they are still studying. For journalism needs specialist knowledge from all disciplines in order to be able to fulfill its role as an observer of society and its developments.

Deadline: 16.04.2018
Funding amount: EUR 752

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Sponsorship for Scientists

ÖFG printing costs funding programme

The Austrian Research Community (ÖFG) supports the printing of high quality works from all areas of scientific research with new results.

Closing day: current

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Rudolf Sallinger Fund

With the S&B Award, the Rudolf Sallinger Fund honors early-stage commercialization ideas based on a research achievement.

Submission deadline: 28.02.2018

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ÖAW and FWF "Zukunftskollegs"

The program is aimed at outstanding junior scientists (0-4 years after graduation) in all scientific disciplines.
Submitted are interdisciplinary, innovative cooperation projects. 3-5 post-docs can work together for up to 4 years.
They must come from at least 2 organizational units of the university.

Amount of funding: Max. 500,- €/year, 25% overheads

Deadline for an Expression of Interest: 28.02.2018

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L'ORÉAL Austria - Scholarships for young basic researchers in Austria

As part of the funding program L'ORÉAL Austria, scholarships are awarded to young women scientists in medicine, natural sciences or mathematics, who are at the beginning of their scientific career or to help them return to scientific careers.

Submission deadline: 01.03.2018

Amount of funding: € 20,000,-

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Emil Boral Scholarship

The Emil Boral Scholarship is aimed at young scientists in Austria (postgraduates) who have already completed academic studies at a university. The beneficiaries should have the willingness to devote themselves exclusively to scientific work during one year, using their own or other means.

Submission deadline: 09.03.2018

Amount of funding: € 25,000,-

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Print subsidies of the ÖFG

The Austrian Research Foundation promotes the printing of works from all areas of scientific research. It sees its special task as helping to disseminate those works which are of high scientific quality, have not yet been published and contain new research results.

Deadline: ongoing

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University Jubilee Foundation of the City of Vienna - Funding

These funds are intended exclusively for smaller, independent scientific projects, especially those of the Vienna University Institutes.
The decisive factor is that there is a clear project character.

Submission deadline: 31.03.2018
Amount of funding: average € 8,000,- (max € 20,000,-)

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"KlarText" - Prize for Science Communication by the Klaus Tschira Foundation

The foundation is looking for young scientists, among others in the field of chemistry, who have written a very good doctoral thesis in 2017 and would like to explain their research to a non-scientific audience in the form of a generally understandable article in German.

Submission deadline: 28th February 2018

All participants have the opportunity - regardless of their placement - to participate in a two-day workshop on "science communication".

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Janssen Special Award

The Janssen Special Award can win a project if it contributes to better health care, promotes prevention, simplifies therapies, makes patients feel better, or implements new healthcare technologies.

Submission deadline: 28.02.2018
Award amount: € 4.000, -

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Karl Schlögl Prize

The prize is awarded for an outstanding dissertation in the field of chemistry, conducted at an Austrian university and max. completed two years before the submission deadline.

Submission deadline: 15.03.2018
Award amount: € 4.000, -

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Otto Vogl Prize

Students who have written an excellent master's thesis in the field of chemistry at a university in Austria, who have completed their diploma-/master-studies in the year before applying and who want to conduct a doctoral- or PhD study at a university in Austria are invited to apply.

Submission deadline: 15.03.2018
Award amount: € 5.000, -

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