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Christian Doppler Laboratories

  • Christian Doppler Laboratory for Bioactive Aroma Compounds
    Department of Physiological Chemistry

    In the CDL for Bioactive Aroma Compounds aroma compounds are screened for their ability to influence serotonin release from neural cells (SH-SY5Y) and for their effects on gene expression by cDNA microarray. After validating the effects in further in vitro experiments (Caco-2 cells, 3T3-L1 adipocytes), the bioactive compounds will be tested in a human intervention trial. Furthermore, the mechanism of action will be evaluated in vitro. Finally, a proof-of-concept study will lead to the development of satiating products.

  • Christian Doppler Laboratory for Thermoelectricity
    Department of Materials Chemistry, Department of Physical Chemistry
    (and Institute of Solid State Physics at the Vienna University of Technology)

    The aim of the CD laboratory "Thermoelectricity" is to bridge the currently existing gap between scientific research on thermoelectric (TE) materials and the industrial production of materials and devices for TE applications. For this purpose, the expertise of two University research laboratories (Institute of Solid State Physics at Vienna University of Technology and Institute of Physical Chemistry at Vienna University) and two Austrian Companies (Treibacher Industrie AG, TIAG, Althofen, Austria and AVL List GmbH, Graz, Austria) shall be combined.
    Starting from the development, laboratory-scale synthesis and characterization of TE materials, the industrial value chain consists of the production of TE materials on industrial scales, their shaping into functionalized parts (TE legs), the production of TE modules, and finally the thermal and electrical integration of these modules in order to obtain a TE device.
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