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Hyperpolarised water boosts signal intensities of proteins, DNA, and membranes

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Biochemist Robert Ahrends from the University of Vienna and colleagues from Australia, Germany, and Belgium have been awarded an internationally...

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Bitter taste receptors do not only support humans in tasting. They are also found on cancer cells. A team led by Veronika Somoza from the Faculty of...

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Gallic acid is a secondary plant ingredient found in wine or green tea. An Austrian-German team of scientists led by Veronika Somoza, has now found...

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Sometimes even small forces can make comparatively big things happen: In a study in "Angewandte Chemie", scientists from the Faculty of Chemistry at...

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Bacteriophages are still a relatively unknown component of the human microbiome. However, they can play a powerful role in the life cycles of...

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BOLD-100/KP1339 is a ruthenium-based anticancer agent that has been decisively co-developed at the University of Vienna and which has shown promising...

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Experimental microbially assisted chemolithotrophy provides an opportunity to trace the putative bioalteration processes of the Martian crust. A study...

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Currently there are more than 80 peptide drugs on the global market and about twice as many in clinical development. Due to their beneficial...

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