Tetyana Milojevic appointed as EANA Vice President


Tetyana Milojevic from the Department of Biophysical Chemistry will act as new Vice President of the European Astrobiology Network Association (EANA) in the next 5 years.

Astrobiology investigates past, present and future life beyond Earth, its origin, spread and occurrence across the Universe. This multidisciplinary science aims to deliver an integrated view of the emergence of life across many scientific branches and at the interfaces between biospheres, geospheres, hydrospheres and atmospheres under planetary conditions.

"I am faithfully honored to be among EANA executive council and to serve to the development of European Astrobiology Network", says Tetyana Milojevic, "I see it as our responsibility to promote scientific interest towards Astrobiology research in Europe, particularly in Austria, with a special focus on university teaching of basic astrobiology and astrobiology related courses."

"Blistering space exploration"

Founded in 2001 within the European Space Agency (ESA), EANA promotes astrobiological activities in various European countries, supports the careers of talented astrobiologists, strengthens the exchange of scientific information, and enables the creation of a European research network in space exploration.

"We live in the amazing time of blistering space exploration, and we are fortunate to be perhaps very close to conclusive evidences of life beyond Earth", explains Milojevic, adding, "we have never been so close to understand that our home is the Universe."

Biochemist and astrobiologist Tetyana Milojevic (Copyright: University of Vienna)