Laboratory for Microanalysis Services

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The Laboratory for Microanalysis Services investigates the elemental composition of samples - organic as well as inorganic material, chemically pure substances and technical products - determining their contents of C, H, N, S, O, F, Cl, Br, I and P requiring minimum substance amounts (2 to 10 mg per analysis). It also has methods available to run TOC (Total Organic Carbon content) in solid materials, AOX and POX according to DIN 38.409 H 14. Some methods for ion analysis using CIE (Capillary Ion Electrophoresis) are ready to use and the laboratory is able to develop methods for special requests.It offers its services to academic institutions as well as companies and private persons.The laboratory is primarily dedicated to perform the C/H/N elemental analysis required by the University of Vienna's chemistry and pharmacy departments and other Austrian academic institutions performing preparative chemistry. The equipment enables to run C/H/N/S analysis, to determine the content of halogenes, phophorus and oxygen. All services are offered against charge.All methods are adjusted for sample amounts of 2 to 10 mg and perform with an uncertainty within 0,3 w-% as required by literature for confirmation of assumed chemical composition. The operation range covers the content from 100 to 0,1 w-% and can be extended to 0,01 w-% under certain conditions.Besides the routine services, the laboratory is dealing with method development.

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Head: Johannes Theiner


Location: 1090 Vienna, Währinger Straße 42