[CALL] S&T Cooperation (WTZ): Austria - France


Deadline: 20.04.2020, 12:00

For early-stage and mid-career researchers who want to establish a new partnership (mainly travel and accomodation expenses)

The programme for Scientific & Technological Cooperation is carried out in the frame of the bilateral “Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Austria and the Government of the Republic of France on Scientific & Technological Co-operation of 06 September, 1968” and is co-financed by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) and by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development.

Aims of the Programme

- Funding researchers‘ mobility in the frame of joint research projects to stimulate international research cooperation
- Providing an opportunity for researchers to cooperate in an international setting and to develop their scientific careers, especially for early-stage, mid-career as well as female researchers

Areas of Cooperation

The Call is open to all scientific disciplines and thematic areas, including social sciences as well as humanities.

Who may apply?

AUSTRIA: Researchers working at Universities, Universities of Applied Sciences and other legal entities (e.g. higher education and research institutions, companies) planning to carry out a non-profit-oriented research project within the frame of this call are eligible for application.
Project proposals submitted by early-stage or mid-career researchers as well as project proposals with involvement of PhD/doctoral students, early-stage and/or female researchers will be particularly considered.
The focus of the programme lies on new international partnerships. Follow-up proposals with the same research partners will not be eligible for funding if they have already been funded under this programme.
Eligibility and selection criteria applied by the French evaluators are available on the website of Campus France under the following links: https://www.campusfrance.org/fr/amadeus

Which activities may I apply for?

The purpose of this call is to support the mobility of researchers between the participating countries to carry out joint research projects. In this regard, funding will be provided for visits and the exchange of scientists conducting joint research.
Research stays in both countries are obligatory.
The sending side will cover the travel expenses as well as the accommodation costs of its own researchers.
In Austria up to EUR 2,000.- per project of the granted funding may be applied for project-related material costs.
Funding Modalities
Collaborative research projects will be supported for a period of max. two years from January 2021 until December 2022.
Funding will be provided for activities within the scope of these guidelines only.

Maximum funding: EUR 8,000.- per project
Eligible Costs:
o Travel expenses: Travel costs (economy class) will be reimbursed for Austrian researchers travelling to France based on submitted invoices.3 (actual costs of the trip but not exceeding EUR 500)
o Accommodation expenses: EUR 100.- per working day for Austrian researchers travelling to France for up to 14 working days OR EUR 1,400.- per month for long-term visits between 14 working days and 3 months maximum.
o Project related material costs: max. EUR 2000.- per project as part of the granted maximum budget based on submitted invoices.