Chemistry@UNIVIE Photo Competition 2022

For the first time, the Faculty of Chemistry initiated a "Chemistry@UNIVIE Photo Competition", collaborating with the Directorates of Studies (SPL 27 & SPL 53), DoSChem - Vienna Doctoral School in Chemistry and the student representation STV. In total, about 40 images were submitted. Here we present the winners.

We would like to thank all participants for their great, inspiring and beautiful submissions, which also reflect the diversity of chemical sciences prevailing at the Faculty of Chemistry. The jury was very challenged to choose the winners!


Category: Zooming into research

1st place: Window into another world

By Manuel Pristner, doctoral candidate at Institute of Food Chemistry and Toxicology

This photo depicts a view into the electrospray ion source of a mass spectrometer. Mass spectrometry enables the qualitative and quantitative analysis of thousands of different molecules, allowing us to take a closer look into this world of molecules making up the fabric of life. A small amount of blood or tissue is not only sufficient to investigate disease and aid the development of new pharmaceuticals, making mass spectrometry an indispensable tool in biomedical research, it can also provide insights into the exposure to environmental chemicals of an individual, the so-called exposome. At the faculty of Chemistry at the University of Vienna we use mass spectrometry-based technologies with the greater goal to bring the vision of a comprehensive investigation of the chemical environmental exposure closer to reality. (© Manuel Pristner)

Category: 360 degrees Chemistry

1st place: Flask in the evening sun

By Alexander Rosner, doctoral candidate at Institute of Inorganic Chemistry

Flask in the evening sun. This photo was taken after a long day of tricky purification of an aromatic heterocyclic ligand. It nicely solidified in the shape of flowers. Or snowflakes. Or leaves. Or corals. Whatever, it is beautiful. (© Alexander Rosner)


Special award

"for a collage/graphic/montage with outstanding idea  and realization"

Once you see it, it cannot be unseen: animals eating cookies

By Jana Kupka, doctoral candidate of Institute of Inorganic Chemistry – Functional Materials

Have you ever starred into a screen for hours and hours? After a while, vision gets blurry, eyes are partially shut, the frequency of yawning increases and at some point, new images start to form in your head. As you can imagine, this has happened to me, when investigating powder materials at 25000-times magnification using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) for my PhD. And the thing is: once you see them, they cannot be unseen. Therefore, I can now happily present to you:

• A turtle eating a cookie (left)

• A dog sniffing at a cookie, whilst being watched by a knitting weasel (right)

Yes, I was probably hungry and in need for sugar that day, hence seeing cookies everywhere.

(© Jana Kupka)

The jury comprised representatives of all organising partners: Bernhard Keppler, Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry; Christian Becker, Vice Dean / Head of DoSChem; Angelika Menner, Head of SPL Chemie; Peter Lieberzeit, Studienpräses; Giorgia Del Favero, Head of core facility Multimodal Imaging; photographer: Joseph Krpelan /; DoSChem Coordination: Elena Rastew & DoSChem student representation: Philip Verdross; STV representative: Inge Timea Dreyer.