Photo Competition 2023

Thank you for the numerous submissions! The submission deadline is over. The winners will be announced shortly!

The world of molecules, reactions, and experiments is not only fascinating but also incredibly photogenic!

For the second time we invite all amateur photographers, chemistry students, phd candidates and postdocs to submit their best shots for our "Chemistry@UNIVIE Photo Competition 2023".

"Chemistry@UNIVIE Photo Competition 2023"

For the second time the Faculty of Chemistry presents the photo competition in collaboration with the Directorates of Studies (SPL 27 & SPL 53), DoSChem - Vienna Doctoral School in Chemistry and the student representation STV.

We invite all

  • bachelor students,
  • master students,
  • doctoral candidates and
  • postdocs (max. 4 years after PhD degree)

who are studying and working at the Faculty of Chemistry in winter term 2023/24 to participate!

Your images can come directly from the lab, document data analysis or computer simulations, or cover an funny or engaging episode from your life as a student/researcher at the Faculty of Chemistry. Find a moment or a topic of your research which shows the magic of chemical sciences, your fasciation, and/or a step in your research process. The only requirement is to address a topic that you are dealing with at the Faculty of Chemistry.




There are two categories for your submissions:


Category 1: "Chemical Reactions":


Dive deep into the mesmerizing world of chemistry and capture the very essence of transformation. Whether it's the vibrant dance of colors, the effervescence of gases, or the intricate beauty of crystal formations, we want to see the magic you can capture when elements and compounds interact. Showcase the drama, the unexpected, and the sheer wonder of chemical reactions.

  • 1st place/ winner: 200 Euro
  • 2nd place: 100 Euro
  • 3rd place: 50 Euro facultas voucher


Category 2: "Lab life"


The laboratory is where discoveries are made, where hypotheses are tested, and where the future is shaped. But beyond the experiments, there's a rhythm to lab life that's waiting to be captured. Share with us the behind-the-scenes of science, the moments of triumph, and even the challenges. Let's celebrate the everyday moments that make up the life in a lab. Join us in showcasing the heartbeat of scientific exploration.

  • 1st place/ winner: 200 Euro
  • 2nd place: 100 Euro
  • 3rd place: 50 Euro facultas voucher

The winning images will be presented in 2024 as part of an exhibition at the faculty and via the websites and social media of the faculty and partners. The awarding ceremony will take place in the context of December’s Faculty Colloquium talk.



The jury comprises representatives of all organising partners:

Bernhard Keppler, Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry; Christian Becker, Vice Dean / Head of DoSChem; Angelika Menner, Head of SPL Chemie; Peter Lieberzeit, Studienpräses; Giorgia Del Favero, Head of core facility Multimodal Imaging and hobby photographer; photographer: Joseph Krpelan /; DoSChem: Elena Rastew; STV representative: Roland Pantucek.


  • The closing date is November 30th, 2023.

Format for submission

  • Please submit entries electronically via the online application form
  • Send your image including a short layperson description (in German or English, 800-850 characters including spaces), image title and name of the institute.
  • Please upload an image preview with a maximum of 2 MB using the online application form and then send the high-resolution image file via FileSender ACONET (!) to - instructions how to use ACONET
  • Please name the two photo files according to the following pattern to avoid confusion:
    • lastname_firstname_shorttitle_preview.jpg/tiff
    • lastname_firstname_shorttitle_high resolution.jpg/tiff
  • Entrants may submit images in the same or different categories (in total up to 2 images).
  • Please note that the images need a high resolution (min. 300 dpi in DIN A1 format / 841 x 549 mm).
  • Images must be submitted in landscape format (4:3) and .jpg or .tif, tiff format. If necessary, the size of the photo will be adjusted to the format. Both black and white and colour images are eligible.
  • Entries will be judged on their visual impact, public appeal and ability to convey a message.
  • Entries will be judged alongside the extended caption putting the image into context.
  • Prizes will be awarded in December 2023; winners will be contacted directly by e-mail.
  • Winning images may be used in an online "picture of the month" campaign (on websites, social media), and will be displayed on the occasion of 2024 events of the Faculty of Chemistry. An announcement of the winners will be published on the Faculty’s website and on other UNIVIE platforms.
  • Submitted images that are not awarded might be used in future publication activities by the Faculty/ DoSChem. However, use would be clarified in advance with the submitter, providing more information about the context of use.
  • By submitting the contribution, the participant guarantees to be the author of the submitted image and owner of all copyrights.
  • If the picture depicts people, please include a declaration of consent in accordance with data protection regulations, signed by the respective person (template).
  • Please note that the usage of the image includes the citation of the author’s name.



By submitting an image for this competition, the entrant grants the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Vienna the right, unrestricted in time, place and content, to use the image (incl. abstract) in all ways known today and in the future. This includes the right to reproduce and distribute the images in any way technically possible today and in the future, to make them available to the public or to use them in a comparable way. The submitter is not entitled to separate remuneration for the granting of rights.

By submitting this form, you also agree on the data protection regulation of the University of Vienna. The University of Vienna may collect, store and process your personal data (first and last name, e-mail, affiliation) for the purpose of this project. Your data will be deleted as soon as the purpose of the processing has been achieved and no other legal retention period exists. Datenschutzerklärung der Universität Wien

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