Faculty of Chemistry

Closing dateJob titleTendering unit
22.09.2023Tenure-Track Professorship for Organic Chemistry

ID: TT0623Chem03
Faculty of Chemistry
22.09.2023Tenure-Track Professorship for Analytical Chemistry

ID: TT0623Chem01
Faculty of Chemistry

Tenure-Track Professorship for Nucleic Acid Chemistry

ID: TT0623Chem02

Faculty of Chemistry
06.10.2023Chemical-Technical Assistant (sen)

ID: 1233
NMR Center
06.10.2023Chemical Technical Assistant (jun)

ID: 1138
Institute of Food Chemistry and Toxicology
04.10.2023Senior Scientist - Mass Spektrometry

ID: 1195
Institute of Physiological Chemistry
04.10.2023University Assistant PostDoc - Bioactivity of Food 

ID: 1194
Institute of  Physiological Chemistry

University Assistant
prae doc


Institute of Analytical Chemistry
06.10.2023Chemical-technical Assistant (sen)

ID: 1302
Institute of Inorganic Chemistry

External positions

Closing dateJob titleTendering unit

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