COVID-19 & winter term 2020/21

 Talks & Events

Vortrag / Talk

When: Thu, 4 March 2021, 10:00

Where: Video Conference (via Moodle BigBlueButton)

Diskussion / Panel discussion

International Women's Day 2021 @UniVie: Gender equality in science: Are we there yet?

Film screening and panel discussions

When: 7-14.3.2021

Where: Online



When: Mon, 8.3.2021, 16:00

Where: Online



Experimental microbially assisted chemolithotrophy provides an opportunity to trace the putative...


Dimerization of the human neuropeptides oxytocin and vasopressin can produce new types of bioactive...


Currently there are more than 80 peptide drugs on the global market and about twice as many in...


A team led by Thomas Böttcher from the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Vienna developed a...


ERC Consolidator Grant for Jia Min Chin at the Department of Physical Chemistry

Research, Awards & Honours

ERC Consolidator Grant for Tetyana Milojevic at the Department of Biophysical Chemistry

Research, Awards & Honours

Why Chemistry?

All matter is made of chemicals. Chemistry therefore has a central position within the natural sciences. In addition, we live in a scientific-technical civilization in which chemistry makes an important contribution to improving our quality of life, e.g. through the development of novel substances or active agents. The faculty is committed to a fundamental broad education in the field of chemistry and to the special development of its focal research areas. [more]