Talks & Events

Festakt / Ceremony

When: Monday, 27.1.2020, 13:00

Where: Sky Lounge of the University of Vienna, Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Vienna

Festakt / Ceremony

Festakt zur Verleihung der Ehrensenatorwürde an Othmar Steinhauser

Wann: Dienstag, 28.1.2020, 17:00

Wo: Großer Festsaal der Universität Wien, Universitätsring 1, 1010 Wien - Anmeldung erbeten

Vortrag / Talk

When: Wed, 29.1.2020, 16:15

Where: Lecture hall 3, Faculty of Chemistry, Boltzmannstrasse 1, 1090 Vienna



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Benedikt Warth and colleagues show path of zearalenone through the womb using new technology.


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In June 2016, Freddy Kleitz was appointed to professor at the Faculty of Chemistry of the University...

Why Chemistry?

All matter is made of chemicals. Chemistry therefore has a central position within the natural sciences. In addition, we live in a scientific-technical civilization in which chemistry makes an important contribution to improving our quality of life, e.g. through the development of novel substances or active agents. The faculty is committed to a fundamental broad education in the field of chemistry and to the special development of its focal research areas. [our mission]