COVID-19 Update

 Which rules do apply from 10.1.2022 onwards?

  • Access to and stay at university buildings is only permitted with a valid proof of being PCR-tested, or vaccinated or of having recovered from a COVID-19 infection (2.5 G). The security team of the University of Vienna checks compliance with this rule. Controls can either be access controls or be done randomly.
  • Wearing a FFP2 face masks is mandatory. The use of FFP2 face masks is also mandatory at the workplace/ in the lab if contact to other persons cannot be excluded. The only exception is if all persons can present a valid PCR test taken no more than 48 hours ago.
  • Work will be done in a home office whenever possible.
  • Only lab training courses and exams can take place on site. All persons present must be able to present a current PCR test result.
  • Meetings should basically take place digitally. They should take place on site only in exceptional cases. During meetings that must take place on site, the use of FFP2 face masks is mandatory, except for the exemption that all persons are PCR-tested.

Contact point:

COVID-19 coordinators Faculty of Chemistry:

Prof. Dr. Gunda Köllensperger, Vice Dean

Lena Yadlapalli, Dean's Office

SPL Chemistry: