Our Focal Research Areas

Chemistry is a central science of the structure, construction and function of both living and inanimate nature and thus extends far into areas of life sciences and medicine. Based on this, it also deals with the development of active substances and materials in the broadest sense. It contributes to the development of medical products and drug development as well as to the development of innovative materials to secure the availability of raw materials and energy resources for our future. The research activities of the Faculty of Chemistry are divided into six main areas:

Proben Massenspektrometer

Bioanalysis and environmental analysis


Biological and medicinal chemistry


Functional and sustainable materials chemistry

Bild einer biomolekularen Simulation

Computational chemistry and biomolecular simulation

Gläser mit Getreide und Laborutensilien

Food chemsitry and physiological chemistry

In the lab

Synthesis and catalysis

Joint initiatives

Scientific cooperations arise with various resesrach groups both within and outside the University of Vienna. Researchers from the Faculty of Chemistry lead or are involved in: