Research Platforms

The bryozoan Cristatella mucedo: The new research platform MetaBac explores secondary metabolomes of bacterial communities (Copyright: J. Souto).

Next Generation Macrocycles to Address Challenging Protein Interfacess

MetaBac - Secondary Metabolomes of Bacterial Communities

The new research platform "MetaBac - Secondary Metabolomes of Bacterial Communities" pursues an innovative approach to create defined, fully tractable microbial communities that produce novel secondary metabolites with potential to be developed into drugs.

Vienna Research Platform on Accelerating Photoreaction Discovery (ViRAPID)

ViRAPID is a theoretical platform that combines expertise from theoretical chemistry, computational physics and mathematics, to develop a new generation of computational methods able to accelerate the discovery of photoreactions.

Vienna Metabolomics Center (ViMe)

The Vienna Metabolomics Center (ViMe) is dedicated to cross-faculty research into metabolites. Within the scope of this research platform, new analytical-methodical approaches based on mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy will be developed. Another focus is the development of bioinformatic tools for the automated evaluation and quality control of complex data sets. A total of 16 professors from the three faculties - the Faculty of Chemistry, the Faculty of Life Sciences and the Faculty of Earth Sciences, geography and Astronomy - participate in ViMe. This also underlines the broad application perspective of metabolomics, i.e. the undirected analysis of all the metabolic products of a biological sample. These include environmental chemistry, microbiology, bioanalytics and biomedicine, limnology and terrestrial ecology.