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Sensors based on MEMS technology (micro-electro-mechanical systems) are indispensable today for...


Last Thursday the University of Vienna had the honour of welcoming Benjamin List, Nobel Laureate in...


New method enables measurement of glycolipids; now their relevance in cancer will be investigated


Wann: Mo, 12.12.2022, ab 16:00

Wo: Auer von Welsbach Hörsaal (HS1) & Hof Haus 1 --- Für Teilnahme vor Ort ist eine Anmeldung erfolderlich! For...

Vortrag / Talk

TACO-Talk: Alessandro Fortunelli, CNR, Pisa: Theoretical Materials Science of Spinel Oxides

When: 12.12.2022, 16:15

Where: Josef Loschmidt (HS2) lecture hall & online


When: Mon, 16.01.2023, 16:00

Where: Loschmidt lecture hall