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Processing of sensory impressions and information depends very much on how the synapses in our brain...


On September 30th, the Faculty Day Chemistry 2021 will take place and Davide Bonifazi from the...


Sometimes even small forces can make comparatively big things happen: In a study in "Angewandte...

Präsentation / Presentation

Wann: Mi, 20.10.2021, ab 10:00

Wo: Innenhof Boltzmanngasse 1, gegenüber vom Chemikalienlager


When: Mon, 8.11.2021, 16:00

Where: Hybrid (Loschmidt lecture hall HS2 - seat reservation is mandatory OR join us online via ZOOM)


Vortrag / Talk

1st IBC Seminar: Nicolas Gilles, CEA: Multidisciplinary approaches to explore and exploit animal venoms as a source of new medicines

When: Wed, 10.11.2021, 16:15

Where: Online (ZOOM)