Why chemistry?

Bernhard Keppler, Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry (Copyright: Universität Wien)

Today’s world is changing rapidly. Backing out of a civilization, primarily focused on natural sciences and technique, is no solution. Chemistry is indeed a survival strategy, which has the potential to increase the quality of life fundamentally, whether by way of novel substances or active agents. Moreover, the entire material nature is of a chemical nature and chemistry therefore occupies a central position within the natural sciences.

Our focal research areas

The Faculty of Chemistry is committed to the fundamentals-oriented broad education in the field of chemistry and to the special development of the focal research areas:

  • Bio- and Environmental Analysis
  • Biological and Medical Chemistry
  • Chemistry of Functional and Sustainable Materials
  • Computer-based Chemistry and Biomolecular Simulation
  • Food Chemistry and Physiological Chemistry
  • Synthesis and Catalysis

The Faculty of Chemistry is always open to the initiatives of its members to take forward-looking research in addition to the focussed research areas. This flexibility allows new fields of research to be based on future focus.

Studying chemistry

Studying chemistry is the job basis for chemists in research and development, the technical area, industry and environment. During the Bachelor's study (six terms), the students receive a well-founded basis training (in analytical, inorganic, organic, physical, theoretical chemistry and biochemistry) as well as an introduction to mathematics and physics. During the Master's study, a wide range of courses in the key aspects listed above is on offer.

Moreover, the professional and didactic training for chemsitry teachers in secondary schools is also located at the Faculty for Chemistry and fuels the enthusiasm of young people for chemistry.


The research at the Faculty of Chemistry is well recognized internationally. Master and PhD students get often the opportunity to do an internship in the framework of university co-operations abroad. The expertise of our scientists is in demand at universities, but also in a commercial setting in Austria as well as abroad. The Faculty of Chemistry also raises substantial third party funding, which enables the engagement of project staff.

Dean Bernhard Keppler, Vice Dean Gunda Köllensperger and Vice Dean Lothar Brecker