[CALL] Aktion Austria-Slovakia


Deadline: 15.03.2024, 15.05.2024, 15.10.2024


for bilateral projects, primarily for young researchers (mainly travel costs)



The Aktion Austria – Slovakia is a fund for the promotion of co-operation between Austria and the Slovak Republic in the fields of higher education, university education, and research. The programme is financed equally by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic and the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research of the Republic of Austria.


Besides scholarships for traditional degree (“diploma degree”) and doctoral students the Aktion offers a very successful scholarship for postdoctoral researchers for stays in the respective neighbouring country.

Further information about scholarships of the AÖSK

Focus of project funding:

I. Targeted project funding of the Aktion:

  • Organising of Austrian-Slovak summer language courses (“Sommerkollegs”)
  • Projects to promote jointly supervised doctorates
  • Organising of Austrian-Slovak training courses

II. Initiative project funding of the Aktion:

In this type of funding the project partners choose the topics and activities they need to fulfil their objectives ("bottom-up" approach).

Further information about project funding from the AÖSK

Funding for language learning:

Contact in Slovakia (German-speaking):

Kristina Sallerová, managing director of the Aktion