Univ.-Prof. Peter Burger / Institute of Inorganic and Applied Chemistry, University Hamburg: Activation of H-H, C-H, Si-H and C-C Bonds with Late Transition Metal Pyridine, Diimine Complexes

When: Monday, 08.05.2023, 16:00

Where: Loschmidt lecture hall (LH 2), Währinger Straße 42, 1090 Vienna

Non-innocent ligands are a special class of redox-active ligands, which can take up or donate electrons to transition metal centers and can mask their oxidation states. The non-innocent ligands can thus play a cooperative role in the reactivity of the complexes. Our group employs  non-innocent  pyridine,  diimine  ligands  for  late  transition  metal compounds with  multiple bonds to  main-group  elements  M=X  (N,  NR,  S). In the lecture, intra- and  intermolecular C-H, H-H, Si-H and C-C activation processes will be reported, which were analyzed in detail through mechanistic, spectroscopic and theoretical studies.