Benedikt Warth ist Associate Editor von "Exposome"


Am Dienstag wurde das weltweit erste Journal im Bereich Exposomics von Oxford University Press gelauncht. Unter den acht Associate Editors ist Benedikt Warth vom Institut für Lebensmittelchemie und Toxikologie.

Tue, 15 March 2021

Oxford University Press is pleased to announce the launch of Exposome.

Exposome seeks to publish cutting edge research that contributes and extends our understanding of the human exposome, which can be defined as all the exposures of an individual in a lifetime, the biological manifestations of those exposures, and how the exposures and effects relate to health.    

The inaugural editor for Exposome, Gary W. Miller, said, “There is no doubt that environmental factors are as important as genetics factors in human health and disease. The exposome aims to provide the same level of comprehension of these environmental factors as the genome does for our genes. The exposome is rapidly emerging as a discipline and, as such, is in need of an academic and scholarly home. Our international editorial board is thrilled to partner with Oxford University Press to launch the first journal in the field.”

Alison Denby, Vice President, Journals, at Oxford University Press also commented: “OUP is committed to providing high-quality open access publishing options for authors in all fields, and we’re really pleased to launch Exposome, a journal committed to understanding the biological and health effects of complex environmental exposures. We are confident that Exposome will be an important venue for high quality content that will advance science in this critical field.”

For more information or to submit a paper, please visit the Exposome website.