II - Dennis Kurzbach, Faculty of Chemistry: Recent Developments in NMR Methodology for Applications in Biology and Chemistry

When: Monday, 9.11.2020, 16:00

Where: Moodle Collaborate Session

This contribution aims at providing an overview over the latest developments in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) methodology at the Faculty of Chemistry.

The suite of novel experiments that will be presented ranges from development of (i) signal-improvement techniques to (ii) real-time monitoring to (iii) integrative modelling of molecular structures.

To provide the audience with an overview over the state-of-the-art possibilities of NMR spectroscopy, selected examples of applications will be likewise presented. These demonstrate (i) how even highly dynamic molecular structures can be solved using sparse NOE constraints in combination with computational techniques, (ii) how real-time reaction monitoring on the short seconds time-scale becomes feasible and (iii) how molecular interactions can be screened using fast 1, 2, 3 or 4-dimensional correlation spectroscopy.

Finally, the first Austrian dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) setup will be introduced, which enables dramatic signal enhancements reducing the necessary sample quantities and aquisition times.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dennis Kurzbach, ERC awardee and an expert in methods development, and his group are member of the Institute of Biological Chemistry, which is hosted by the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Vienna. They are furthermore associated to the NMR core facility of the Faculty. https://homepage.univie.ac.at/dennis.kurzbach 



Dennis Kurzbach (© Salme Taha Ali Mohamed)